Liquore Moketo x Lelevich

Moketo Espresso

Is an Artisan Espresso Coffee Liqueur produced from a 40 year old family recipe.
It’s made in Italy 🇮🇹 and it combines the Italian traditions with the the love of coffee ️ tracing its roots back to the Italian city of Caserta. Moketo can be enjoyed simply as an after dinner digestive either cold or at room temperature, as a shot, mixed in a cocktail or however you prefer to unwind. Moketo will give you sensational flavours that will linger in your memoirs for many years to come. Salute!

Liquore al caffè Moketo

This is our proposal "14 degrees moketo lelevich"

The cocktail is formed by:

  • 1.5 cl pasteurized albumine
  • 6 cl Moketo 
  • 3 cl vodka
  • 7 cl almond milk
  • Essence of vanilla
  • 0.5 cl sambuca
It is silky on the palate due to the pasteurized albumen. The final taste is very pleasant thanks to almond milk which attenuates the alcohol content of vodka and enhances the taste of coffee to the full. Decorated with mint leaf, coffee powder and caramel balls.
cocktail al caffè Moketo


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